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a month ago
We had a very unfortunate situation after a dear elder passed away and we thought that we had no recourse but accept the wrong that had taken place. However, I could not let it go. Lucky for us we were able to get an appointment with Mr. Paul J. Pimentel. We will always remember him fondly for his kindness and especially for the knowledge he shared with us pertaining to the pros and cons of our situation. It helped us understand better what we could do. WISH WE COULD SAY ON A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN, WE SAY TEN PLUS
- Palmera N
4 weeks ago
If you have a need for attorney, you can't do better than Paul Pimental. His amazing assistant, Linda is so kind and compassionate. She takes excellent care of their clients! I highly recommend Tomassian Pimental &Shapazian!
- Margaret C
2 months ago
The staff helped out with everything I needed and we're quick to provide answers to my many questions. Mr. Pimentel guided me through the process and took away all worries and doubts. Paralegal Linda Reynoso went above and beyond to make sure everything was in the right order and ensured there would be no snags at any point during my case. I would highly recommend this office for any attorney needs and/or services.

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So you've been sued, a summon server appears at your doorstep and serves you a court summon. It could be because of a business dispute or your ex-wife suddenly needs an increase in spousal support. For the first few minutes, you are probably utterly clueless - or maybe not. Then you remember that handsome immigration lawyer that helped your spouse obtain a green card. You probably rapidly put a call through, only to learn that the highly rated lawyer doesn't handle such cases. 

Eventually, you'll probably wonder what type of lawyer you'll need for your court case. While most lawyers deal with a variety of legal cases, your own unique case might need a different kind of lawyer then you've previously worked with. Hiring the wrong type of lawyer seriously reduces your chances of victory in any legal case. Knowing what type of attorney you need is the first step towards hiring the right one. To help you protect your legal rights under the law, we've put together eight types of lawyers your family will most likely need.  

Family lawyers  

Getting a family lawyer should be on your to-do list even if you aren't currently in need of their services. There's always a great chance that you'll require their services sooner or later. If you are getting married, and you want to ensure you don't end up losing half of your wealth in the unfortunate case of a divorce, a family law attorney Fresno is the person to meet. 

Also, if you’re trying to get an increase in spousal support or to avoid giving your spouse too much of it, a family lawyer is usually the best person for the job. From divorce cases to getting custody of your kids, if your case involves a family relationship, you'll most certainly need a family lawyer. Family lawyers could be a domestic relations attorney or a divorce lawyer Fresno, so if a lawyer claims to be one of those, they may still be the right person to hire. 

Trust and Estate Lawyers  

What happens to your wealth when you die? Who gets the ranch and who gets the condo? How do you minimize what goes to the government and what goes to those you leave behind? If you've had these budding questions, then most of it can be answered by a trust and estate lawyer. 

Trust and estate lawyers will draft your Will, and in such a way that your properties will be transferred to the people you want without recourse to battles in court. Should a court case arise from the transfer of assets, an estate lawyer will also be the one to fix things in court. Estate lawyers also help you establish a trust fund where assets are set aside for future beneficiaries. 

Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury lawyer is the type of lawyer you'll need if you've suffered some form of injury due to other people's negligence. If you've been bitten by your neighbor's dog while mowing your lawns or injured by a careless driver while on the street - the lawyer to help you get reparations is a personal injury attorney Fresno.  

A personal injury lawyer doesn't only handle cases involving physical injuries. They also consult on cases involving psychological or emotional damages. The death of a loved one, for example, causes devastating emotional damages to those left behind. If you've lost a spouse or family member due to accidents caused by others, a personal injury attorney Fresno can help you get compensation for such emotional distress. A Fresno car accident lawyer and premises liability lawyers are all examples, personal injury lawyers

Civil Litigation Lawyers

Civil litigation as a practice area is a fairly broad branch of law. Generally, when two or more parties have legal disputes and desire to have it settled in court, this usually falls under civil litigation. However, they still handle a unique subset of legal cases. Let's say your small business recently supplied another company some goods or provided some services but never got paid, you'll need a civil litigation lawyer. Also, if you have an employment-related lawsuit, you'll need an employment attorney Fresno who's also a civil litigation lawyer. 

This means if you are filing a lawsuit against your employer for wrongful termination, discrimination, or denial of benefits you'll need a civil litigation lawyer or an employment attorney Fresno. 

Traffic Lawyers  

We make silly traffic mistakes from time to time. Sometimes we get excited and drive above the recommended speed limits. Other times, our kids may make the stupid mistake of drunk driving when returning from college parties. From speeding, drunk driving, running a red light or driving with a suspended license, you'll need a traffic lawyer to help you out.  Traffic lawyers specialize in navigating you out of driving-related offenses. 

Immigration lawyers  

So you want to marry an immigrant and need to help him (or her) obtain a green card. Or your immigrant spouse is already facing a deportation threat. Or maybe you’re looking to hire an immigrant staff who needs help with an H1-B visa. The lawyer to meet for all your family's and business immigration-related cases is an immigration lawyer. Immigration lawyers are also the people to consult for advice on citizenship, naturalization, deportation, and help to obtain a green card. 

Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you've been arrested and charged with committing a crime you're definitely in for a criminal case. No one wants to be embroiled in a criminal case, but if for some reasons you end up with one, a criminal defense lawyer is your best chance of success.  

Criminal cases could be very complicated, depending on the nature of the crime you are charged with, could lead to years in jail or even a death sentence if not handled properly. The first step in handling any criminal case is to avail the services of a good criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer will work to ensure you are proven innocent and absolved of crimes you have been accused of. If you want to stay out of jail and keep the nose of your neck, make sure to keep a criminal defense lawyer very close. 

We all want to live without problems. We would all probably live happier without having to appear in court or spend money on costly lawsuits. But in reality, things could go awry for a lot of reasons. Little mistakes could land us in long drawn legal battles. The key to staying safe is by availing the services of Tomassian Pimentel & Shapazian!

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